Orthorectified Images

Orthorectified images take the power of drone imagery and make them usable in GIS and CAD packages.

Using the leading drone software platform, orthorectified images can be produced for importing into GIS software where accurate measurements can be taken.

The image below shows drone imagery captured for an area of commercial forestry. The image is made up of 302 drone captured images taken from 100m altitude. The orthomosaic resolution is 3.7cm/px

Image capture to production of the orthorectified image is a same day process.  Imagery for an area of up to 150 hectares can be captured in a day for orthorectification.

How Can orthorectified images be used?

Estate Agents/Property and Land Managers
Orthomosaic maps are being used by estate agents and property manager to provide detailed, interactive maps of properties, which help in their efforts to sell them. An orthomosaic map made for this purpose could be of a small area, such as a house, or it could cover thousands of acres of property.
Typically they’re used to showcase large properties or estates, since it can be difficult to show a prospective client the entire piece of land and/or details of the buildings on the property when they are so spread out.

Orthomosaic maps can help provide detailed updates on the progress of a construction project, since they allow you to zoom in and see different parts of the building(s) under construction, as well as related resources.

Orthomosaic maps can help conservationists in their efforts in a number of ways by providing a detailed, accurate map of the conditions in a given area.

Mapping forests and their growth, sand dunes and their movements, or the level of water in an area that houses a protected species of birds—these are all examples of how ortho maps are being used in the field when it comes to conservation.

Want to know how your crops are doing today? Or how they were doing on the same day a year ago? Ortho maps can help farmers get insights into how their crops are doing, and also allow for keeping a highly accurate record of the crops on a piece of land over time.

Ortomosaic maps start from as little as £250 for smaller area to £500 for areas of 100 hectares plus+



Orthorectification – A definition

Orthorectifying imagery is the process of aligning the images that have been captured usually using photogrammetry techniques and processing them so that the geometric angles are aligned correctly creating a geometrically correct map with a uniform scale.

Or, put simply, an orthomosaic map is a detailed, accurate photo representation of an area, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map.