Lee Collier – Drone Imagery is a leading CAA certified drone operator based in the Highlands of Scotland. We provide professional aerial drone photography and cinematography services in the Highlands and anywhere in Scotland.

We provide a range of services including aerial photography, multi-specteral imagery, 4k cinematography and thermal imagery.

Our drone mapping solutions are supported with a drone to desktop approach. From an initial consultation we provide orthorectified imagery that can be used in GIS. Not only can we supply the imagery, we have extensive experience of the latest GIS solutions and can provide training in GIS so you get the most out of your imagery.

We aim to deliver the collected data within 24 hours of site completion. Data can be securely downloaded via our cloud solution, or alternatively posted via a data CD, hard drive or USB device

Lee Collier – Drone Imagery are CAA certified with a current PfCO, fully insured for commercial flights and compliant with the CAA drone and model aircraft registration scheme.